Clements family
The Clements family in Ireland has its origins in the Cromwellian campaigns in the mid-1600s, when Daniel Clements was granted lands in County Cavan.
The association with Lough Rynn began in 1750, when Nathaniel Clements acquired about 10,000 acres in the Mohill area, though no Clements settled on the estate until 1832.
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Before the 3rd Earl
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Nathaniel Clements epitomised the young, ambitious Ascendancy classes of the 18th century: he was a distinguished amateur architect and successful financier.
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Nathaniel Clements, 2nd Earl of Leitrim was an active parliamentarian and liberal activist - and a devoted family man.
Robert Bermingham Clements, Viscount Clements, was the first to settle at Lough Rynn. He was a man of considerable intellect and ability.
The 3rd Earl of Leitrim, Lord Leitrim managed the estates for 40 years until his assassination in 1878. In his early days, he was a radical reformist who gained recognition for his ideas and implementation of agrarian and social reforms. In his later years, he gained notoriety as a tyrannical, despotic landlord who is best remembered for his pitiless and indiscriminate evicition of tenants.
After the 3rd Earl
The 3rd Earl never married. After his death, his estates were divided between his nephew Robert Clements (who also inherited the title) and a second cousin, Colonel Henry Theophilus Clements who took on the Lough Rynn estate.
The title died out after the demise of the 5th Earl of Leitrim.