Assassination images
Punch cartoon printed July 1878 showing the London view of the assassins. While the journal was no supporter of Lord Leitrim, the cartoon style is typical of its time, with Irish people shown as rough, even sub-human characters.

An image from an early book about the 3rd Earl by Liam Dolan. The source of the photos is unknown.
All four men were with the Earl when he was assassinated.
John Makim was the Court Clerk and John Buchanan was a young coachman. Both were in Lord Leitrim's carriage. In the second car were Lord Leitrim's coachman and valet William Kincaid and Michael Logue the owner and driver of the car. Kincaid  had a full view of the ambush which he later described to the courts.
Charles Buchanan had been shot in the head and died immediately. John Makim was also shot in the head but managed to stumble back towards the second car. He died later.
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